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June 17, 2022

Using Your Gifts with John Schuchman

Using Your Gifts with John Schuchman

John Schuchman is a REALTOR® in Lancaster, PA who has built his entire business around creating strong relationships and leveraging organic social media growth. John went from broke and $200,000 in debt after losing a W-2 job to becoming debt free, creating a six-figure real estate business, and creating the time, location, and financial freedom he always dreamed of in a period of less than 2 1/2 years.

In addition to John's work as a REALTOR®, John also hosts the Real Estate Survival Guide podcast, a podcast created to help REALTORS® survive in the real estate business. John loves giving back and helping REALTORS® and businesses grow and create success by investing deeply into relationships, giving exceptional service for their clients, and using social media well to build their brand.

To learn more about John, you can check out his podcast, the Real Estate Survival Guide, or go to www.therealestatesurvivalguide.com.


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