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March 24, 2023

Top 7 Red Flags in a Relationship with Shā Sparks

Top 7 Red Flags in a Relationship with Shā Sparks
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What are the top red flags in a relationship? What are some green flags? Are there negative patterns that we’re missing?

In this episode, Shā brings to light the red and green flags in romantic and leadership relationships. There is always an opposite side of the coin, so what would be a green flag that could counteract a red flag? 


Have you ever been stuck in your own negative inner critic? Are you trying to figure out what happened in your relationships? Are you feeling unworthy, unwanted, or incompetent? Have you found yourself sabotaging your relationships and your goals? 

Are you willing to heal from self-sabotage? Are you willing to heal limiting beliefs of being stupid, weak, incompetent?  Does improving your communication and leadership skills motivate you? 

Shā Sparks is an energetic catalyst and fearless communicator who sparks a safe space for men to heal from traumatic relationships so that they learn to love themselves and others again. Through her renowned Spark Your ALPHA program, Shā’s clients experience strengthened confidence, amplified emotional intelligence, and healthier relationships. 

There are only a limited openings to work with her so take action to invest in yourself today. We invite to connect with Shā today, join her Spark Your ALPHA program starting in April 2023, by sending her message at https://www.shasparkspodcast.com/contact/

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