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March 17, 2023

Top 5 Principles of Overall Health and Wellness with Shā Sparks

Top 5 Principles of Overall Health and Wellness with Shā Sparks

What is health and wellness anyway? How does mindset factor into our overall health and well-being? How does self-love factor into our wellness? We answer these questions and more. 

In this episode, the special guest is a Veteran, personal trainer and now chiropractor and friend Dr. Abelsain Gonzalez. He breaks down what is the definition of health and discipline and we first have to take ownership of our health and wellness. 

We invite you to join him on his Instagram live on Sundays at 8pm ET at https://www.instagram.com/drabelsain/


Ever feel like an imposter? Or maybe even like you are no longer fired up about life, like you're living on a hamster wheel repeating the motions day in and day out?  

Shā Sparks is an energetic catalyst and fearless communicator who sparks leaders in transition, who are unclear, go from fear to fired up about their life and business.  

Through her renowned Spark Your ALPHA program, Shā’s audiences and clients experience more confidence, amplified emotional intelligence, and the spark that ignites their fearless action. 

You are invited to connect with Shā today, join her Spark Your ALPHA program starting in April by sending her message at https://www.shasparkspodcast.com/contact/  

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