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Nov. 11, 2022

How to Be Successfully Unemployed with Dustin Heiner

How to Be Successfully Unemployed with Dustin Heiner

Dustin Heiner is a real estate investing expert and Founder of MasterPassiveIncome.com

Being Successfully Unemployed at 37 years old by investing in real estate rental properties, he is now on a mission to help everyone to quit their job and never have a job again. He also helps his students build successful real estate investing businesses all over the country.

Through his work at MasterPassiveIncome.com, Dustin has become one of the leading real estate rental property experts.

In 2015, Dustin wrote his first book, “How to Quit Your Job with Rental Properties'' which quickly became a bestseller. From there, he began his new business helping others to invest in rental properties to quit their job.

Dustin is giving our listeners an amazing gift on “How to Make Money in Real Estate” by texting the word "rental" to 33777.

We invite you to connect with him at his website www.masterpassiveincome.com


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