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Feb. 24, 2023

How Does a Man Become a Better Leader with Shā Sparks

How Does a Man Become a Better Leader with Shā Sparks

The better question is...Do you want to be a better father, husband or partner? Do you want to be able to share, be more connected and create more intimacy in your relationship? 

Shā shares her experience of coaching men on their relationships and as a result of working with her, they become better leaders too. She shares her reasons for working with men and testimonials from her clients. 


Ever feel like an imposter? Or maybe even like you are no longer fired up about life, like you're living on a hamster wheel repeating the motions day in and day out? 

Shā Sparks is an energetic catalyst and fearless communicator who sparks leaders in transition, who are unclear, go from fear to fired up about their life and business. 

Through her renowned Spark Your ALPHA program, Shā’s audiences and clients experience more confidence, amplified emotional intelligence, and the spark that ignites their fearless action.

You are invited to connect with Shā today, join her Spark Your ALPHA program started April 4th  by sending her message at https://www.shasparkspodcast.com/contact/

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