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Feb. 3, 2023

How Do You Handle Pressure with John Robinson and Shā Sparks

How Do You Handle Pressure with John Robinson and Shā Sparks

Are you feeling the pressure at work or at home? Or maybe you’re single and you’re feeling pressured to get married? Do you feel pressure from others to perform as a good boy or good girl? 

In this episode, my special guest and Shā share their journeys of being unmarried and how they deal with pressure in today's world. 


Raised by his Hispanic mother and African-American stepfather in the Southside of Chicago, John Robinson has been blessed with many cultural, empowering, and traumatic experiences. In his over 50+ years of life, John has been trained as a marketer, educated as an entrepreneur and possesses over 30-years' worth of corporate and small business experience and training. 

John has seen first-hand what has not been taught well or revealed in order to experience an empowered and fulfilling life. His commitment to doing the emotional and spiritual work to heal his trauma and befriend his shadow has benefited many audiences across the globe. He is committed to working on projects that help others with their struggles while empowering them to help others with their challenges. 

We invite you to connect with him at his website https://backupceo.com and listen to his podcast at Iron Minds | Podcast on Spotify https://spoti.fi/3RjPRxx


Ever feel like an imposter? Or maybe even like you are no longer fired up about life, like you're living on a hamster wheel repeating the motions day in and day out?  

Shā Sparks is an energetic catalyst and fearless communicator who sparks leaders in transition, who are unclear, go from fear to fired up about their life and business. Through her renowned Spark Your Alpha program, Shā’s audiences and clients experience more confidence, amplified emotional intelligence, and the spark that ignites their fearless action. Also, she provides an all-inclusive podcast host for hire service called Spark Your VOICE, Podcasts to Publications. 

As the CEO (Chief Excitement Officer) of Sparks of Fire International, she hosts The Power of Investing in People Podcast, is the author of How to Get Your Voice Back, is a Certified Fearless Living Coach and Trainer, and the Co-Founder of the FIRESTARTERS Book Project. 

“Auntie Shā-Shā” to all of her friends’ kids, she is also an expert dog sitter and a rookie kayaker. Most importantly, Shā wants to inspire others to move confidently through change so they can step into their FIRE power! 

Her motto is when we share our own lessons learned of overcoming obstacles, we ignite a tiny spark of hope, love, connection, and community in other people. And when we ignite that spark, the whole world lights up. 



FIRESTARTERS Book Project: https://www.firestartersbookproject.com  

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