Welcome to The Power of Investing in People with Sha Sparks
The Power of Investing in People with Sha Sparks

The Power of Investing in People with Sha Sparks

Have you ever looked at a leader and thought they clearly have it all together? They couldn't possibly understand the challenges the average person goes through? How did they get so fired up about their life and business?

The Power of Investing in People podcast shares the real behind the scenes stories of the most inspiring business and military leaders of today. Most of them have experienced the muck and the yuck of hard times, however they still invested in themselves and then that investment naturally overflows by igniting a spark of hope onto the people around them.

The host, Sha Sparks, is a fearless communicator and weaves in her own trauma to treasure stories that will leave you fired up to invest in yourself and ready to take fearless action.

This podcast is a proud member of Heroes Media Group, The Lima Charlie Network and Global Sisterhood Podcast Network.

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